[ Donation appeal to buy house ]-Sister Jahira Banu


Assalamualaikum (May Peace Be Upon You)
[ Donation appeal to buy house ]

IPSI needs a house for our reverts and as a storage place for IPSI’s dakwah material. This is vital for IPSI at this juncture. You may channel your donation through the bank account below.
IPSI is still short of RM 60 000 to buy this house. Help IPSI to help Islam.

May Allah reward you abundantly always.

If there are any queries we can be contacted via Facebook or by 04-227 4846 / 47

Help IPSI to help dakwah and ummah.
to activity IPSI 5573 8030 0023 (Maybank).
LIKE & SHARE this massage. JazakAllah Khairan Khathira.

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