Your Wonderful
Journey In Islam
Begins Here

Becoming a Muslim is the most wonderful decision you can ever make, and IPSI are honored to be able to help guide you through this process. We understand that to become a Muslim might be daunting and overwhelming, but IPSI assuredly will make this process as smooth as possible and would lend a helping hand throughout the whole journey.



We Are Eager
To Lend An Ear

Whether you are just starting to learn about Islam as a Non Muslim, having doubts about Islam as a Muslim old or new, or simply curious about Islam, IPSI is always ready to listen.


Support Our Dakwah Activities

IPSI's dakwah efforts all these years are possible only by the help of Allah SWT
through the contributions from the Ummah, from normal everyday Muslims.

Join us in helping to contribute back to the Ummah by supporting us
whether physically, financially or spiritually.