IPSI Penang specializes in the field of comparative religion by bringing the message of Islam to the world through promotion of the reading of the Quran with understanding through various translations; nonMuslim guided mosque tours as well as public lectures delivered by prominent Muslim scholars and printing booklets authored by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat, Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips, Dr. Gary Miller, Dr. Zakir Naik, Sheikh Imran Hussein, Sister Yvonne Ridley, Dr. Daniel Zainal Abidin and many others.

With a humble beginning in 1989, brother Kamarudin Abdullah, a revert from Christian Catholicism to Islam – became the president of IPSI Malaysia by jump starting the da’wah activities of Islamic Propagation Society International after a short meeting with a well known Muslim Scholar of Comparative Religion from South Africa who was on a lecture tour of Malaysia.

He is a man devoted to learning, who would not give up this noble cause no matter what the challenges are. No doubt, brother Kamarudin Abdullah at first met a lot resistance but with the grace of Allah, all the hard work paid up and now IPSI, Penang, Malaysia, stand tall among all other network of Islamic organisations, working towards spreading the message of peace; the message of Islam that there is Only One God. Together with brother Kamarudin, are a group of young and aspiring Muslims who would be his helpers in the cause of Allah. These people, standing up as a united force, with the leadership of brother Kamarudin Abdullah, push forward to champion the cause of Allah through IPSI, Penang, Malaysia.

Together, they form a committee of determined believers, to manage the daily affairs of IPSI, Penang, Malaysia.