Muhammad in World Scriptures (Volume 1: The Parsi, Hindu and Buddhist Scriptures)


This work is a rare modern Muslim scholarship regarding prophesies in the earlier sacred scriptures on the advent of Prophet Muhammad, upon whom be peace. In this volume, the author, backed by extensive knowledge of these earlier sacred scriptures including  Jewish and Christian scriptures, and his mastery of ancient scripture languages such as Hebrew and Sanskrit, scrutinizes the sacred scriptures of Parsi (Zoroastrian), Hindu and Buddhist religions. He provides historical and linguistic proofs in unearthing prophecies in these scriptures about a promised prophet, his qualities and achievements, and identifies Muhammad as that Mercy for All Mankind promised by God, underlining further the oneness of God.

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Muhammad in World Scriptures, Volume 1: The Parsi, Hindu and Buddhist Scriptures

This volume completes a two-volume work on Muhammad in World Scriptures we have planned. This book, Volume I, covers the Parsi (or Zoroastrian), Hindu and Buddhist scriptures, while Volume II, which has already been published, discusses the Christian scriptures, namely the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.

Maulana Abdul Haq Vidyarthi, the author of this volume, having mastered many languages, was known during his time as a qualified Muslim representative to debate with scholars of other religions. Other than holy books such as the Bible and the Vedas, he was proficient in Sanskrit and Hebrew, as well as other ancient languages of world scriptures. Any work discussing these ancient scriptures will inevitably require the author to dig deep into their available translations, and this volume, written originally in Urdu in the first quarter of the century, is a culmination of the author’s extensive research and utilization of his vast knowledge of these scriptures.

This English translation in the present format is perhaps the first time justice is done to what is in arguably a rare modern Muslim scholarship on the Parsi, Hindu and Buddhist scriptures, vis a vis Prophet Muhammad, upon whom be peace. The various other available editions did little to address the obvious weakness in the citation of references, mostly works published in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, during the period when western interests in Eastern religions was at their peak.


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