Fasting and Power


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Fasting and Power (The Strategic Significance of the fast of Ramadhan)

by Imran N. Hosein

This book was formerly published some fifteen years ago with the title ‘The Strategic Importance of the Fast of Ramadhan and Isra and Mikraj).

Fasting is one of the most effective institutions for realizing that freedom. It is of crucial importance that we reflect upon the fact that the fast of Ramadhan was not imposed upon the Muslims until just before the battle of Badr when they had to fight for the first time! That timing was not by accident!

In a Hadith Al-Qudsi, Allah Most High has declared:

“Fasting is for Me, and I will respond to it with any reward (howsoever great) I choose to bestow.”

The lesson here is so simple and yet so powerful. If we can fast for Allah it opens the way for us to live for Allah and for Allah alone, regardless of the price we may have to pay. Only those who live for Allah would die for Allah; and therein is located the foundations of power.

Thus, what this essay does, most of all, is to provide for the discerning reader a glimpse of how the fast of Ramadhan contributes towards the individual and collective realization of all the foundations of power.

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