Islamic Awakening Between Rejection and Extremism


Looking for answers in a world marked by enormous volatility, pressure and political and economic corruption, Muslim youth are an easy target for extremism movements. Shaykh Qaradawi traces the complex roots of these views, and examines in-depth the many causes of the path to intolerance, offering a variety of remedies and cures. Perhaps more relevant today, given our troubled climate, than at any time in the past, the work introduces readers to a subject of great significance and wide ramifications.

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Islamic Awakening Between Rejection and Extremism by Yusuf Al-Qaradawi

Written by an outstanding scholar, educator, and spokesman for Islam, the present work promises to help Muslim youth to construct an integrated picture of the history and the destiny of the Ummah. It deals with the Qur’an and the prophetic Sunnah in a balanced and comprehensive manner and provides a highly constructive approach by which Muslim youth can study and benefit from them.

This book offers a systematic and objective analysis of the crises faced by Muslim youth and presents the ways and means by which Muslims should seek solutions. In so doing, the book offers Muslim youth ways to develop suitable approaches to the challenges and pressures of the modern age in order to achieve Islamic goals and objectives. It is thus recommended reading for every Muslim youth, intellectual, and scholar.

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