Hadith Terminology and Classification


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Hadith Terminology and Classification 

by Dr. Muhammad Saeed Mitwally ar-Rahawan

Islam is a complete way of life that enlightens through the Qur’an and the Sunnah, the true path of guidance and success in this world and the hereafter. However, one must accurately comprehend what has been ordained through the Sunnah and identify the authentic hadiths of the Prophet (SAW). To do that, it is imperative to understand the rules that govern the classification and definitions of hadith methodology and criticism.

Hadith Terminology and Classification is a concise handbook that aims to facilitate independent seekers of knowledge and students of Hadith Science. It seeks to acquaint them with the commendable endeavours of the early Muslim scholars in sifting through the immense treasure of hadiths and recognising the authentic gems that form the words and acts of the Prophet (SAW).

This is a complete guide that introduces the origin, provenance and development of the science of hadith. It also provides taxonomy of hadiths according to different criteria, including the number of its narrators, authenticity of reports and efficacy in law. Furthermore, it classifies weak hadiths and details the means of eliminating their effect. This is an excellent, in-depth study that significantly elaborates hadith terminology and criticism, making it easier for the reader to understand the regulations that authenticate a hadith.

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