Ibn Khaldun – His Life and Works


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Ibn Khaldun – His Life and Works

by Mohammad Abdullah Enan

Ibn Khaldun, the fourteenth century Arab historiographer and historian, is viewed as the founder of modern historiography, sociology and economics. He lived during a turbulent part of history, and out of his experiences, he “conceived and created a philosophy of history that was undoubtedly the greatest work ever created by a man of intelligence..”

This work tells of the period of unrest in Ibn Khaldun’s life marked by political rivalries. It was during this turbulent period which provided him with the opportunity to write the Muqaddimah (or Prolegomena), earning him an immortal place among historians, sociologists and philosophers.

The Muslim world is going through a tumultuous time similar to the time of Ibn Khaldun; this small book on his life and works, we hope, will contribute to a better understanding of our present predicament and their significance for the contemporary world.

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