The Biography of Imaam Ibn Maajah


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The Biography of Imaam Ibn Maajah (May Allah have mercy upon him)

By Salahuddin ‘Ali Abdul-Mawjood

This is a series of biographies of some scholars and some Muhadditheen of this Ummah which Allah has endowed with glory and sublimity till the Day of Judgement. We will focus on private and public aspects of the lives of these scholars, such as their characteristics, manners, etiquttes, knowledge, religiosity and worship. How dire our need to these qualities in this age is! For, there is no way, by which this Ummah can reclaim its lost glory and strength except by adopting those qualities that were the characteristics of our predecessors, and to revive what has become extinct of these attributes.

Stories of the lives of these scholars have, for sometime now, become unknown to many Muslims, let alone non-Muslims. This led to the extinction of the light by which the confused find guidance. This light is waiting to be rekindled so that the path (to success in this world and the Hereafter) might continue to be illuminated. People are now fed up with mere talks. They now want to see the reality of this religion, as was the case during the time of those scholars and other Muslims who followed them.

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