The Biography of Imam Az-Zuhri


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The Biography of Imam Az-Zuhri

by Salaahuddeen ‘Alee ‘Abdul-Mawjood

This is the biography of an upright scholar, an erudite narrator of hadith, a brilliant, celebrated and generous scholar: Imam Muhammad ibn Muslim ibn Shihab Az-Zuhri. Here are paragraphs on the life of this sagacious scholar.

This towering personality, Muhammad ibn Muslim ibn Shihab Az-Zuhri was a model for the scholars and an exemplar for the pious. He was an embodiment of generosity. When he was in difficult situation, he did not deviate from the truth and when the bounties of this world were opened for him he did not stray. May Allah bestow His expansive mercy upon him and upon the scholars of the Ummah in particular and all the Muslims in general.

This is a series of biographies of some scholars and some Muhaddiththeen of this Ummah which Allah has endowed with glory and sublimity till the Day of Judgement. We will focus on private and public aspects of the lives of these scholars, such as their characteristics, manners, etiquette, knowledge, religiosity and worship. How dire our need to these qualities in this age is! For, there is no way by which this Ummah can reclaim its lost glory and strength except by adopting those qualities that were the characteristics of our predecessors, and to revive what has become extinct of these attributes.

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