THE HEART OF THE QUR’AN – Commentary on Surah Yasin with Diagram & Illustrations


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This book shines a light on one remarkable Surah in the Qur’ān; a Surah that is dear to the hearts of countless Muslims across the globe, Surah Yāsīn, Chapter 36. It aims to not only convey the meaning of the entire chapter, as related in classical Tafsīr literature (commentaries) using an easy to understand language, but to go further and share spiritual and intellectual lessons, linguistic gems, and diagrammatic overviews of the themes found hidden within the Surah. The underlying aim of this being to demonstrate how relevant and pertinent the Qur’ān is to our living complete and prosperous lives.

This combined approach of Tafsīr & Tadabbur (i.e. meaning and reflection) will, by the permission of Allāh, help develop in the reader a deeper admiration of the Qur’ān, a structured understanding of some of the literal and implied messages flowing from its statements, and an understanding of how to study it further.

Though Surat Yā-Sīn is a chapter often recited, memorized, and held in special regard by Muslims the world-over, how many are aware of its meaning, appreciative of its message, and have derived spiritual and intellectual guidance from it? For instance, were you aware that it tells a complete story of the ‘People of the Town’?

We ask Allāh the Most High to purify our intentions and to allow us to receive the light of the Qur’ān in a way that illuminates our hearts, guides us to His pleasure, and alleviates through it all befallen trials and tribulations.

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