The Moral Foundations of Islamic Culture


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The Moral Foundations of Islamic Culture by Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips

It is important to understand Islam from a cultural point of view because the basis of much of the current turmoil within Muslim countries and conflict with their neighbors can be attributed to cultural clashes.

Harvard University Professor, Samuel P. Huntington, in his book, The Clash of Civilizations, has correctly identified the essential elements that fuel the cultural clash between Western and Islamic Cultures as the world enters the 21st century. However, his  view and the Western media’s persistent focus on Islamic terrorism leaves the Muslim naturally frustrated and defensive. Understanding the West’s belief in the universality of its culture only makes the Muslim more determined to prove the superiority of his culture.

Consequently, the central theme of this book, which focuses on the uniquely divine foundations and beliefs of Islamic culture, begins with a brief review of the man-made foundations of Western culture. It then examines cultural Islam, a hodgepodge of traditionalism and imported beliefs, often misrepresented as Islamic, and more often than not, responsible for the West’s distorted view of an actual weakening of a true Islamic culture. And, finally, it presents a straightforward, truthful view of Islamic culture, the traditions and customs, which evolve from the day-to-day practice of people following the authentic teachings of Islam, the universal teachings revealed from God and applicable to all of mankind for all time.

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