Who Deserves to be Worshipped


In this book, you will read:

  • Islam’s basic principles and characteristics
  • 11 facts about Jesus (may peace be upon him)
  • 19 abandoned biblical teachings revived by Islam
  • 11 proofs from the Bible of Jesus’ humanness and prophet hood
  • 16 biblical proofs of God’s unity in His essence (negating trinity)
  • 20 arguments refuting the doctrines of ‘original sin’ and redemption (absolution of sins through Jesus’ sacrifice)
  • 26 proofs from the Bible of Muhammad’s prophethood
  • Proof that Islam is a sound ideology

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Who Deserves to be Worshipped by Majed S. Al-Rassi

Each person is born into a religious environment that is not of his or her own choice; a child is raised in the religion or ideology of his or her family, society or culture. Even as a newborn, he or she is assigned the religion of his family or the ideology of the state; in some countries the child’s assigned religion is even recorded on his or her birth certificate. By the time individuals reach their teens they usually have accepted the beliefs of their parents or that of their particular society, feeling that they have little choice in the matter.

However, individuals often encounter or are exposed to various beliefs and ideologies throughout the course of their lives leading many to question long-held beliefs, traditions or philosophical ideas. They begin to question the validity of their own beliefs. Seekers of truth often reach a point of confusion upon realizing that believers of every religion, sect, ideology and philosophy all claim to have the one and only truth.

So, which religion is the right one and how can the seeker of truth know it? This is the main subject of this work.

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