The Biography of Imam Aboo Dawood Sijistani


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The Biography of Imam Aboo Dawood Sijistani (The Compiler of Sunan Aboo Dawood)

by Salaahuddeen ‘Alee ‘Abdul-Mawjood

This book is the biography of Imam Aboo Dawood Sijistani, the compiler of Sunan Aboo Dawood, one of the six major books of hadeeth that are a primary source of knowledge about Islam.

This book is part of a series of biographies of major scholars of fiqh and hadeeth from amongst the Muslim Ummah, which Allah has granted glory and an exalted status until the Day of Judgement. The author focus on both general and particular aspects of these scholars’ lives, including their qualities, character, etiquette, their practice of their religion and their worship of Allah. What a need we have, particularly, in this age, of such examples, for this Ummah will not have its dignity and glory restored to it until it returns to the qualities possessed by its early members and revives those traits of theirs which have passed into oblivion.


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