The Onomastic Miracle in The Koran


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The Onomastic Miracle in The Koran

by Raouf Abou Seida

The author graduated from Alexandria University, department of philosophy. After his graduation, he worked in one of the biggest insurance companies in Egypt until 1978 when he retired as a General Manager. Then he worked for the United Nations at Geneva as a translator and reviewer until his retirement in 1988. He composed this great book in Arabic approaching a new aspect of the miracles in the Noble Koran. At the same time, he found it useful to compose another version of the book in English to address the English speaker. In his composition of the two versions of the book, the author depended on comparative studies in the fields of languages, religions and history. The book includes penetrating insights, comparative analyses and a great deal of spiritual knowledge which warm the heart and refresh the mind, making it a great piece of literature serving both the specialists and the public audience. According to the Arabic version publishers, it is the book of the 20th century.

The book substantiates that the Koran, which has been revealed in Arabic, explains precisely, within its context, the literal meaning of every non-Arabic proper names cited in the Koranic Verses, irrespective of the particular language from which the particular proper name was derived, even if the language in question, such as the Old Egyptian, had been extinct for several centuries before the time of revelation. The book is a great endeavor to explore a new miraculous feature of the Noble Koran that has ever been veiled.

The book is the logical introduction to such miracle, which confirms the ‘scientific’ belief in the undisputed Divine Omniscience. Both Muslims and non-Muslims are kindly advised to carefully read this book.


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