The Prophet of Islam Muhammad SAW – Biography & Pictorial Guide (Pocket Guide)


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The Prophet of Islam Muhammad SAW – Biography & Pictorial Guide to the Moral Bases of the Islamic Civilization (Pocket Guide)

Muhammad SAW introduced himself as the Messenger of God. He devoted his life for a noble cause and described himself humbly as the final brick that completed a beautiful building which represented all prophets and messengers God sent before him. Prophet Muhammad SAW revered all true prophets and messengers that came before him. He acknowledged Abraham the father of many prophets and the man God Commanded him to establish the Ka’bah, a house of worship purely for Allah the One God. Muhammad SAW acknowledged Moses the messenger of God and the prophet who brought a ‘Book of Guidance’ for the children of Israel. Muhammad SAW acknowledged Jesus and gave glad tidings to all believers, that Jesus will return one day before the end of life on the earth. He will fight evil, end conflicts and unite all believers in God under his banner. Muhammad SAW warned Muslims about the false Messiah and asked them to follow Jesus when he returns.

This pictorial pocket guide is written in a friendly language with an illustrative and easy reading style. It is specially written for those who would like to have an overview about the prophet Muhammad and his teachings that formed the moral bases of the Islamic civilization. The pocket guide is divided into color coded chapters which consist of bold titled paragraphs for easy reading and quick referencing. It starts with the testimonials of non Muslim thinkers and writers followed by a brief biography of prophet Muhammad SAW. Chapter ‘Prophecy’ explains Muhammad’s prophet hood and the relationship with other prophets particularly Abraham, Moses and Jesus (peace be upon all of them). A complete chapter was dedicated to present the Islamic art, calligraphy and architecture from all over the world.

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